Ishurdi Prayer & Namaz Times - Fajr, Dhuhr, Asar, Maghrib, Isha

Ishurdi prayer times (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha, Late Night) and a 30-day Namaz schedule are available here. Are you staying in Ishurdi, Bangladesh (BD)? Looking For Ishurdi Prayer Times Today 21 February 2024? Then, here you can get Ishurdi All Waqt Prayer Times.

It is obligatory for a Muslim to pray 6 times a day. So, as a Muslim and Salat-conscious person, you need to know the daily Ishurdi Prayer Timings. Here you can find the daily Ishurdi's Prayer Times (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha, and Late Night). Besides, you can know the list of prayer times for the next 30 days of Ishurdi.

If you are a local resident of Ishurdi then you will more or less know the timings of your prayers. If not, then you can know the Namaz time of Ishurdi from this page. Again, you can know about the prayer time based on the Azan/Nida given by the mosque. But if you come to Ishurdi as a traveler then you should know every Waqt Namaz time of Ishurdi. Otherwise, you may miss your namaz/salah/prayer in your busy work. So, today's Ishurdi prayer start times are given below:

Prayer Times Ishurdi, Bangladesh

Today, Wednesday, 21 February 2024, Ishurdi prayer times are the Fajr salat at 05:17 AM. After that the Sunrise at 06:33 AM. Then, the Zohar salat at 12:17 PM. Then, the Asr salat at 03:34 PM. After Sunset, the Maghrib salat at 06:02 PM, and the Isha salat at 07:18 PM. Then the Middle or Last Part of the Night Prayer time will start from 12:18 AM and the Last Part at 02:23 AM. It should be noted that there is no fixed time for late-night prayer, you can pray from midnight to a little before Fajr time and recite Al-Quran if you want.

Ishurdi Prayer Time

Date: 21-02-2024
Day: Wednesday
Hijri Date: 11 Shaʿbān (شَعْبان) 1445
FajrSunriseDhuhrAsrMaghribIshaLast Third Of Night
05:17 AM06:33 AM12:17 PM03:34 PM06:02 PM07:18 PM02:23 AM
Location: Ishurdi, Bangladesh. Latitude: 24.12858 and Longitude: 89.06573
Timezone: Asia/Dhaka
Timing Method: University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi

Next 30 Days Ishurdi Prayer Times

Here is the upcoming 30 days' namaz schedule for Ishurdi, Bangladesh. So that you can schedule your daily activities according to Ishurdi prayer times. You can print the 30-day prayer times list of Ishurdi for your use or for mosques.

Ishurdi Prayer Schedule - Namaj / Salah Timings

* All Timings are Beginning Times
DateDayFajr TimeDhuhr TimeAsr TimeMaghrib TimeIsha Time
21-02-2024Wednesday05:17 AM12:17 PM03:34 PM06:02 PM07:18 PM
22-02-2024Thursday05:17 AM12:17 PM03:34 PM06:02 PM07:18 PM
23-02-2024Friday05:16 AM12:17 PM03:34 PM06:03 PM07:19 PM
24-02-2024Saturday05:15 AM12:17 PM03:35 PM06:03 PM07:19 PM
25-02-2024Sunday05:14 AM12:17 PM03:35 PM06:04 PM07:20 PM
26-02-2024Monday05:14 AM12:17 PM03:35 PM06:04 PM07:20 PM
27-02-2024Tuesday05:13 AM12:17 PM03:35 PM06:05 PM07:21 PM
28-02-2024Wednesday05:12 AM12:16 PM03:35 PM06:06 PM07:21 PM
29-02-2024Thursday05:11 AM12:16 PM03:36 PM06:06 PM07:22 PM
01-03-2024Friday05:10 AM12:16 PM03:36 PM06:07 PM07:22 PM
02-03-2024Saturday05:10 AM12:16 PM03:36 PM06:07 PM07:22 PM
03-03-2024Sunday05:09 AM12:16 PM03:36 PM06:07 PM07:23 PM
04-03-2024Monday05:08 AM12:15 PM03:36 PM06:08 PM07:23 PM
05-03-2024Tuesday05:07 AM12:15 PM03:36 PM06:08 PM07:24 PM
06-03-2024Wednesday05:06 AM12:15 PM03:36 PM06:09 PM07:24 PM
07-03-2024Thursday05:05 AM12:15 PM03:36 PM06:09 PM07:25 PM
08-03-2024Friday05:04 AM12:14 PM03:36 PM06:10 PM07:25 PM
09-03-2024Saturday05:03 AM12:14 PM03:36 PM06:10 PM07:26 PM
10-03-2024Sunday05:02 AM12:14 PM03:36 PM06:11 PM07:26 PM
11-03-2024Monday05:01 AM12:14 PM03:36 PM06:11 PM07:26 PM
12-03-2024Tuesday05:00 AM12:13 PM03:36 PM06:12 PM07:27 PM
13-03-2024Wednesday04:59 AM12:13 PM03:36 PM06:12 PM07:27 PM
14-03-2024Thursday04:58 AM12:13 PM03:36 PM06:12 PM07:28 PM
15-03-2024Friday04:57 AM12:13 PM03:36 PM06:13 PM07:28 PM
16-03-2024Saturday04:56 AM12:12 PM03:36 PM06:13 PM07:29 PM
17-03-2024Sunday04:55 AM12:12 PM03:36 PM06:14 PM07:29 PM
18-03-2024Monday04:54 AM12:12 PM03:36 PM06:14 PM07:30 PM
19-03-2024Tuesday04:53 AM12:11 PM03:36 PM06:15 PM07:30 PM
20-03-2024Wednesday04:52 AM12:11 PM03:36 PM06:15 PM07:31 PM
21-03-2024Thursday04:51 AM12:11 PM03:36 PM06:15 PM07:31 PM

Bangladesh Prayer Times : All Cities

Ishurdi Salah Times Today

Salah Time in Ishurdi for Wednesday 21 February 2024 are:
  • Deep Night Salah Time in Ishurdi: 02:23 AM
  • Fajr Salah Time in Ishurdi: 05:17 AM
  • Zuhr Salah Time in Ishurdi: 12:17 PM
  • Asr Salah Time in Ishurdi: 03:34 PM
  • Maghrib Salah Time in Ishurdi: 06:02 PM
  • Isha Salah Time in Ishurdi: 07:18 PM

Ishurdi Fajr Namaz Time

Today Ishurdi's Fajr Namaz Time is 05:17 AM

Ishurdi Dhuhr Namaz Time

Today Ishurdi's Dhuhr Namaz Time is 12:17 PM

Today Ishurdi Asr Namaz Time

Today Ishurdi's Asr Namaz Time is 03:34 PM

Today Ishurdi Maghrib Namaz Time

Today Ishurdi's Maghrib Namaz Time is 06:02 PM

Today Ishurdi Isha Namaz Time

Today Ishurdi's Isha Namaz Time is 07:18 PM

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